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Ahmad M. Mahdi 
aka Sonny Thomas
Author| Presenter| Facilitator | Veteran | Black Business Owner

Ahmad M. Mahdi is honored and excited to help families build, strengthen and protect their legacy. He has written several publications to help families accomplish this goal. Practically every aspect of family dynamics has been taken into account – He has written What I Want to Tell My Grandchildren as a guide for family members wanting to write their autobiography; Child Support relief through Homeownership to help fathers get relief from child support; Return the Favor Pre-Marital Manual for those contemplating marriage; From Maleness to Manhood – A Survival Guide for Black Males and a set of Criteria for Manhood Manuals (5ea.) to help boys transition to manhood. A Legacy Family & Financial Awareness Interactive Manual  was written to strengthen family bonds and encourage homeownership; and A Living Legacy of Precious Memories guided-questions activity books – both Adult & Youth & Versions are for documenting the following: an adult or a family elder’s childhood experiences, family life, information regarding siblings, lessons-learned, friendships, marriages, divorce(s), education, challenges, achievements, accomplishments, work history, and words of advice and encouragement to pass on to succeeding generations. These and other publications can be found on his website at

Mahdi is passionate about educating and training boys for the responsibilities of manhood. He directs a Manhood Education and Training Initiative for boys ranging in ages from 8 -18. Emphasis is on developing hands-on carpentry and building skills, cultural awareness, asset and liability awareness, attitude transformation, social, personal, professional and family relationships; finances, farming and gardening, homeownership, martial arts, public speaking, strengthening family bonds, health and hygiene, understanding the court system and much more.

Mahdi, who also uses the pen name of Sonny Thomas in several publications, was born in Tallahassee, Florida. He graduated from Florida A&M University with a B.A. in Sociology, and received a commission as a second lieutenant and went on to attain the rank of Captain in the U.S. Armed Forces. He has achieved the rank of 3rd degree black belt in Matsubayashi-ryu Shorin-ryu. Now retired, Mahdi enjoys writing, traveling, and spending time with his grandchildren, in addition to directing the Manhood Education and Training Initiative. He has been married to Khadijah for 36 years and they have six grown children and 21 grandchildren

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