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What We Do


Arrange a Presentation/workshop for your school, civic or religious organization.

     ***** A discount will be given for purchases of 25 or more copies of “A Living Legacy of Precious Memories”

 Recording one’s family history and experience is  akin to having a substantial life insurance policy - they both have the likelihood of benefiting their beneficiaries.  “A Living Legacy of Precious Memories” workbook is a useful tool in eliminating the frustration and stress of re-creating a family’s history AFTER the passing of an elder.  Secure your future!  The power is in your hands!  

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Do you need help with documenting your family legacy?


Author Ahmad Mahdi will offer advice and his expertise to help preserve your family history/legacy.


Author Ahmad Mahdi has spoken directly with Black leaders throughout his time as an activist, working to address the problems of poverty, violence, and racism that remain in America.


In addition to this work, he is educating and publishing knowledge of family preservation. Mahdi uses his activist background as a uniting factor in an attempt to bridge the gap between family and legacy.

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