Excellent brother! You must tell thy story 

Rashad  Shabazz

Las Vegas, Nevada

A much needed start to begin our empowerment and securing our legacy for a people that has been traumatized in many ways. Thank you and we beg the Creator to continue to bless you to help save ourselves and our families. Peace and Love my brother  


St. Louis, Missouri


Every now and then I remember things that my Mama said. And the book is a place for me to document my thoughts; a place for me to compile information for my children and grandchildren     

 Valerie Williams

Tallahasee, Florida

A Living Legacy of Precious Memories is something that we all must pass on to our family. It will help us to know our family roots and enable our younger generations to know about their ancestors and their struggles of life. It entails a great outline from generation to generation of how to build your family in all walks of life. This is a  great book to pass on to younger generations. 


Clarice Dupree

St. Louis. Missouri

In my more than four decades in the financial industry, I have never met a client that has inspired me the way Ahmad Mahdi has.... from giving me an answer to the legacy planning I do for other clients: "You do not have to be fair, but be just" to  listening to my knowledge of estate planning and taking it to heart, and putting the techniques into practice. 


Thomas Mimes

St. Louis, Missouri

Wonderful! This idea

could spread worldwide


Edward Clark

Tallahassee, Florida 

Whoop whoop!

Congrats uncle  


Marquette Williams

Seattle, Washington

Congratulations on

another accomplishment!

Curtis Royston

St. Louis, Missouri

Great work! .....I will

spread the word to others

Mary Dunlap

St. Louis, Missouri

Great work my friend!


Brad King

Phoenix, Arizona