...perfect workbook to enrich family reunions, strengthen genealogy records, design visual family trees, support memorial commemorations, and pass down traditions and family values        with engaging storytelling. 
Tangible Ways for Different 
Audiences To Enjoy This Tool
  • Home Health Care Agencies – This tool can be used by the client or a client’s loved one to record/document a family members life experiences.

  • Family and financial planning professionals – “A Living Legacy of Precious Memories” is an excellent tool to help family organize their estate.

  • Funeral Homes – take advantage of time spent with family members to honor the lives of senior/elder family members. This time could be best spent gathering and documenting information from family members you haven’t seen or heard from in a while.

  • Planning for family reunions? – Sonny will give a brief-and to- the-point presentation to family members at family gatherings concerning the importance of using a tool like ‘A Living Legacy of Precious Memories” to extend family legacy

  • Residents of Assisted-living and Senior-living Centers will enjoy this activity and may use this tool as an individual or family project.


Arrange a Presentation


       Arrange a Presentation/workshop for your school, civic or religious organization.

     ***** A discount will be given for purchases of 25 or more copies of “A Living Legacy of Precious Memories”

 Recording one’s family history and experience is  akin to having a substantial life insurance policy - they both have the likelihood of benefiting their beneficiaries.  “A Living Legacy of Precious Memories” workbook is a useful tool in eliminating the frustrations and stress of re-creating a family’s history AFTER the passing of an elder.  Secure your future!  The power is in your hands!  


                                                                           Ahmad Mahdi  aka  Sonny Thomas




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