Preserve Legacies

Preserve family legacies by utilizing  1) storytelling – preserve and pass down stories and history which depict unique values shared by family members;  2) shared identity, vision & purpose – help younger family members be empowered by the successes within their family, help younger family members make decisions which align with family’s values and help them develop a shared vision to ensure they are good stewards of their future resources.

Passing Down Traditions

Any accomplishments that we attribute  to ourselves would not be possible if it wasn’t for the blessings bestowed on us by the Creator and the faith, prayers and sacrifices made by our elders and ancestors. When you impart lesson-learned and advise your descendants, you are hoping that these rich lessons and advice will advance future generations material and spiritual lives as well as the lives of their progeny. Moreover, you hope that subsequent generations will not repeat the mistakes of their forebeaers.


Document Memories...

Connect older family members with  future generations to document family memories. This allows generations to document family memories, values, skills, traditions, records, important dates and pictures. When you impart lesson-learned and advice to your descendants, you are hoping these lessons and advice will advance their material and spiritual wealth.

Generational Wealth

When you leave a legacy of your family’s social history, experiences and the lessons associated with that history and those experiences, you give your descendants insight into:

  1. Who You Are

  2. Who They Are

  3. What their forebears endured to get the family to this point

  4. What You desire for them

  5. Who they have the capacity and potential of becoming (as a result of the inspiration they get from your achievements and accomplishments) and

  6. A sense of pride and purpose (from this legacy) to build their reality