This website is truly inspiring! It pressed me to note the gaps between my own children and my parents, for we never know how much time we have on this earth. Therefore, we should not miss an opportunity to, as the author states it, connect older family members with future generations to document family memories. The website not only suggests what can be done, but through resources, in the form of the author’s books, it provides a format and thus a blueprint that can be used for recording in order to bridge gaps between a family’s generations. The author’s books and thus this website has helped show me what I need to be doing. 


Ni-Ammun Onyemachi

Renton, Washington

Sonny, thank you so much for having the forethought to put together this wonderful workbook to assist families in documenting their history. It lays out a step-by-step process of gathering the facts and saves you so much time as you move forward. This workbook will be a source of great pride for future generations. I  will be sharing your information with my friends.


Elise Hines

St. Louis, Missouri

A Living Legacy of Precious Memories is a tool to help you learn and document your family history. It is important to know where our past becomes our present. This book will help you keep memories alive and allow each generation to have an idea of who they are and where they come from. What a great gift to pass on to your family! 


Frena McGowan

St. Louis, Missouri

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