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Veteran Owned & Black-Owned
P.O. Box 150315

St. Louis, MO  63115

Office Telephone: (314) 951-8173


Willie Mae Smith-Thomas-Rogers

Legacy Productions LLC

Legacy Productions LLC was founded to educate, advance and publish knowledge of family preservation. Using our legacy model, we offer services and encourage others to construct their legacy. Leaving an inheritance to descendants in the forms of an estate, stories, parables, and lessons-learned is a very important part of African tradition.


Generations of children and grandchildren can benefit from a family legacy they can be proud of throughout time. Sonny Thomas aka Ahmad Mahdi is the author of numerous books to include the most recently published:

  • A Living Legacy of Precious Memories -Adult & Youth Versions,  

  • What I Want To Tell My Grandchildren, 

  • From Maleness To Manhood - A Survival Guide For Black Males, 

  • Child Support Relief Through Homeownership 

  • Return The Favor Pre-Marital Manual

  • The Criteria for Manhood Manual

    • Year 1, Age 12

    • Year 2, Age 13

    • Year 3, Age 14

    • Year 4, Age 15

    • Year 5, Age 16




This Month's


Challenges and choices...My journey from "Dice to Dentures" was faced with challenges. But these challenges led me to the successes that I enjoy now. I am a Master Dental Technologist and Real Estate Strategist. I desire to create a way of thinking among our people, particularly among youth that will eliminate dependence upon others. And I am convinced that real estate is the best vehicle. Youth are the fastest growing population facing homelessness. And affordable housing in the tradition market is out of reach for them as it is for their parents. With rent, housing pricing and unemployment at a record high, youth will be unable to find shelter in the traditional real-estate market. Therefore, we are teaching them the skills to acquire property in the non-traditional market, meaning they will learn how to acquire property with no money down, no credit score, no check stubs, and no work history/employment/job. Many of the youth are as young as 12 years old.  


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Generational wealth

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